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Q & A

Your baby’s first visit may take up to an hour, and you will be asked about your pregnancy, the baby’s birth and medical history.

You may need to undress your baby to his or her nappy for the osteopath to make an assessment. Once a diagnosis is made a treatment plan will be made with you.

Subtle, gentle cranial osteopathic techniques are often used for babies.

Very young babies can stay on their mother or father's lap and may even be fed during treatment if they are hungry. Some babies are so relaxed during treatment that they fall asleep!

For older babies and children there are plenty of books and toys for them to play with during treatment and the osteopaths are very used to treating toddlers on the move! You might like to bring a favourite toy or snack if you think it might help them to settle.

Older children and teenagers might find the description of an adult treatment more relevant to them. Osteopathic treatment may be helpful during exam studies to relieve muscle aches and joint stiffness as well as to recover from an injury.