Eyre Place
Osteopathic Practice

23 Eyre Place, Edinburgh. EH3 5EX

0131 557 2211

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We Could Help You Feel Better
Nature has provided each of us with a skeleton that has evolved over millions of years to serve us perfectly for our purpose. Unfortunately, that purpose was to hunt and gather, not to slouch on sofas, lean over computer keyboards or drive vehicles for hours on end.

That's why there are Osteopaths like us. We're here to prevent and correct the damage that modern living does to our bodies. So if you're one of those Homo sapiens that prefers to hunt for a chair and gather aches and pains, we could help you to feel a bit more human.
About Us
Eyre Place Osteopathic Practice is conveniently located in the New Town of Edinburgh and offers a welcoming environment in which to be treated.

A team of five osteopaths provide family centred osteopathic care which is complemented by our massage therapist colleague. The team’s areas of interest includes paediatrics, sports injuries, occupational health and care of the elderly.